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Hi Marcus

They was looking at me for few min

Then I put small amount of food went straight to it Now in their home sleep

Bless them Had a long ride here

Also thank you so much for the way they was packed nice and warm

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year. Hope to deal again one day As will be looking for a adult size

JAY 16.12.2016


It's a happy 1st hatch day for Felix today. As you can see from the photos, he's doing really well!

He was only out of his enclosure for a couple of minutes while I took the photos and had a heater on right by him so he didn't get chilly :).

I love it when he spreads his little legs out while he munches ha ha.

Faye :) 2.12.2016

Hi Marcus hope your well,

Just a little update on my indian star i bought from you in the summer. She's doing really really well and has settled in perfectly!

I've attached a recent picture of her for you to see.

Kind regards, Lauren 2.4.2016

Hi Marcus, just to let you know the Indian star tortoise arrived safe and well in Ireland and is doing well - eating and drinking etc. Thank you very much for everything - great service and advice much appreciated.

Dan 2.12.2015

Hi Marcus,

It's Megan from ..... Leigh and I just wanted to tell you a huge thank you for our tortoise Periwinkle, she's doing fantastic and has really changed things for us (me and my daughter even go walking now to find leaves and food for periwinkle).

So thanks again for travelling all this way to bring her to us,

Kind regards,

Megan x 27.4.2015

Thanks again for brinding her we couldn't be happier she is beautiful and has obviously come from a very good home so we will take good care of her,

Thanks again

Megan 12.2.2015

Hi Marcus

Just to let you know your baby stars going great Angela in love..... anyway thanks a lot for three healthy youngsters

Danny 25.1.2014

Hi Marcus,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year.

Thank you again for all your help, I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of George and let you know that he's doing great and seems very happy. He is quite the speedy little fella and all the family adore him! Amy 5.1.2014

Many thanks for all your help and also for the great tortoise - she's a terrific pet and no trouble at all.

Have a great Christmas

Amanda 20.12.2013

Hi Marcus

Thank you so much for my star! He is beautiful, inquisitive and so lovely! He hasn't stopped all morning! Thank you for all your help and advice! I will keep you updated with his progress!

Best wishes

Jason 17.10.2012

Hi Marcus,

I bought a Star tortoise from you just over 5 years ago, He continues to do very well and I have just purchased a much bigger indoor house for him ready for this winter.

Kind regards

Bob 24.9.12

Hi Marcus,

just a quick update. I bought a 3 year old indian star tortoise from you in october and was having difficulty getting him to eat. After you advised me that the combined heat and uv bulb was too hot for him I immediately removed it and replaced it with separates. I also took some temperature readings which were far too high with the combined light but are now more suited to him. You were completely right! Little Indie is now eating everything I give him and is much more settled. Thank you for giving me prompt and excellent advice.

Best wishes

Louise and Indie 30.1.2011

Hi Marcus he arrived at 11.40 great job, he seems fine, he's a lovely little fellow.

Thanks again
Ian 8.9.2011

Just thought I would send you a picture of the litter stars that I bought from you. I've had them nearly 2 years now and they are thriving beautifully.

From Claire
S. Yorkshire 14.4.2011

Hi Marcus,

Great to meet you yesterday and see your lovely tortoises.

My stars travelled well and were pleased to get into their new home. The equipment you supplied all worked fine and was easy to set-up. They both sleep over the heat mat last night under a small piece of bark and they have both eaten this morning.

Thanks again
Helen 8.11.2010

Hi Marcus,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how my little star is doing since I got her in August.
Can't believe how much such a little thing can eat! Amazing appetite, and cute as! Got a pool in her tank and she spends lots of time soaking herself, seems really happy.

Marina 30.10.2010

The 2 stars I bought from you last year doing great, many thanks again for them again!

Scott 31.10.2010


Ringo is settling in well, he stomped around his new home looking at everything, and then had some food.

So far we have managed to keep the humidity 50-70. All is going well. Thank you again. he/she is amazing
Jess :) 22nd February 2010

Hi Marcus,

George is doing really well now, he's been eating well and has settled in perfectly :) He's so cute!

Thanks for all your help again,

Kerste 18.2.2010

Hi Marcus,

I would like you to have a look at the latest pic's of my torts to date 28/12/09. I am delighted to let you know that they are doing very very well and are gaining weight very well.
Dizzy which was the smaller one of the two has grown a lot larger than Rascel and her shell is forming very well.
Rascal is slightly smaller with a more rounded and not so peeked shell. There both eating well all the time they don't sleep a great deal anymore which is fab because we can enjoy them more now.

I hope all of yours are doing ok.
Have a good new year

Jodie, Dizzy and Rascal

Hello Marcus,

She arrived safely yesterday and she's lovely. It only took her about 1/2 an hour to warm up enough to be able to start exploring. She's really active and spent most of yesterday trucking up and down. She had a little nibble at her food yesterday and a drink so I don't think she's too phased by her journey.

Thank you again for all your help.

Kind regards
Kerrie 9.12.2009

Hi Marcus,

I just found your email address on an old hotmail account I have and thought I'd send you a quick message to let you know that our Indian star tortoise is doing really well and almost doubled in size. I've attached two pictures the first is about two years ago and the second is only a couple of months ago.

Still the best pet we've ever had hope all yours are going as well as ours

Joel 30.11.2009

hi marcus

I bought a indian star from you about 3 years ago she's doing great for now. For now I'm looking for another similar size female to join my group, mine all near 4 years old and the size about 9cm, so just wondering have you got one that in this size for sale?

Thanks Alan 8.11.2009

Hellow Marcus,

Long time no hear! I have been meaning to write to you for some time. Last weekend marked exactly one year since we acquired our small male star tortoise from you and I thought you might appreciate an update on his progress.

We have called him Bonnie. Once we raised the temperature of the enclosure following our early concern about his eyes, he has settled in well and is now an enthusiastic eater of his weeds. This is just as well as it is virtually the only type of food he is allowed to have, albeit sprinkled with chalk and vitamins. Over the year he has just over doubled in weight and his length has increased by about 50%. The new growth appears to be nicely flat too. Picture attached.

Peter 15.10.2009

Hi Marcus, just to let you know she has settled in brilliantly. She has been up and about this morning. Had a little something to eat and now gone back to sleep. She has the most amazing shell I've ever seen. Just perfect.

Claire 23.9.2009

Hey there Marcus,

Sorry for the delay in replying, been a little busy with .... and Dexter (as we've decided to call him)
No need to worry at all, he is now eating like a champ!
Thank he was just settling in and getting warmed back up for the first day but he's just fine now.
He really is a little treasure and the whole family has completely fallen in love!>
So thank you so so much!

Kirsty 27.11.2008

Hi Marcus,

Just to let you know that Sylvie is doing fine. She is eating lots and is very active lol. I will keep you informed of her progress.

Thanks for everything.

Robin 25.5.2008

Hi Marcus,

Its been just over two months now since Twinkle joined us and thought I would just give you an update on her life so far!

She is doing really well, eats favulously and seems to enjoy her new surroundings. The girls love to handle her and she doesn't seem at all bothered by this.

She is a pleasure to have as a pet and is really easy to take care of, so much so you may even hear from us in the New Year with the possibility of buying her a friend!!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Gerwyn 9.12.2007

ursa's here within 30 mins she had explored, eaten and now she's got in her water disk for bath she's great

Gary 14.11.2007

Hi marcus,

Thought I would email you I came and picked a little tortoise up off you back in November just wanted to let you know that she is going fine growing, eating and everything really well.
Thank you again


Hi Marcus,

I am delighted to say that my little star is doing very well. He is loving the warm weather althought it has been a bit too hot recently even for him. He grazes enthusiastically and obviously enjoys being out on warm days. I am quite keen to get a friend, if you remember I was keen to have a pair but wanted to make sure the first one settled in. Satu has grown from 21gms and now weighs 36gms, quite a rapid growth as I am used to Iberas.

Many thanks


Hi Marcus,

They settled in very quickly. Indeed, they tucked into a hearty breakfast of dandelions and sowthistles first thing on Tuesday morning. Thank you very much for showing me your collection, it's always interesting to see how other people do things.

Kind regards


Hi marcus

I bought two Indian starts from you in December/January, just thought I would let you know they are doing really well, the female is actually quite greedy and mischeivious. She is forever trying to climb things in her enclosure......

Kind regards



Yes it was me who had 2 of your babies last year, they are doing really well I am very pleased with them and they are so tame........

Anyway thank you for the care sheet I tend to collect as much info as possible so that I can give them the best and usually someone who has them or has some experience are the best people to keep in touch with.

thank you again


Hi Marcus,

Just reading your article about Slovenain Hermanns; alas too late. I bought one of these tortoises early last year. The guy I bought it from told me he bred tortoises..... and indeed he probably did, just not the one he sold me!

It has had massive health problems which didn't show up immediately. The poor little thing has had two courses of Baytril as the vet thought that should clear the problem but after a series of very detailed tests many further serious problems showed.

The tortoise then had a course of amikin. That still didn't do the trick so the poor little thing then had a one month course of Doxycycline oral every 24 hours and Fortum injections every 48 hours. The vet has tested twice for reptile herpes and mycoplasma but thankfully they have both come back negative.....

My vet assures me that my tortoises health problems are not in any way connected with poor husbandry. I was just unlucky that there are unscrupulous dealers selling sickly animals around at the moment :-(

Many thanks


You should be very proud of yourself these animals you breed are extremely good. I have never come across anything so fascinating so thank you once again.

Mr Cook 31.1.2007