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Payment options, terms and conditions

Please note that as a private breeder I am unable to accept payment by 'plastic' (i.e. credit cards, debit cards, Paypal etc).

Also note that I only sell within the UK.

Methods of payment I am able to accept therefore are online bank transfer, you can pay cash or a cheque into my account at your local bank branch, or send a cheque or postal order by post (please note cheques must clear before I will part with any of my animals) or if you collect from me please pay in cash.

In cases where delivery is required I will require payment for the courier, and any equipment you order from me, when you book, and then I will require payment for the tortoise(s) a day or so before the courier collects from me.

As an honest individual with a long track record of breeding and selling the animals that I breed to people from all walks of life, I will happily supply a receipt in every case and always respect your consumer rights.

Please note that with live animals, unlike dry goods (i.e. everything else) there is no 'trial period' so once you have paid and taken ownership of your tortoise, your decision to become a tortoise owner is final and a refund cannot be made. The same applies to all other animals that I breed and sell.

In the rare event that equipment bought with your tortoise proves faulty, the manufacturer's guarantee is applicable provided you return the faulty item to me for replacement.

In the event that you have any concerns about your tortoise you are always welcome to contact me by phone or e-mail for ongoing advice and guidance, and it is your responsibility to contact me as soon as possible to make sure that your tortoise continues to thrive.

Likewise I expect you to closely follow the instructions given in my tortoise care-sheets which describes how I care for my baby tortoises from birth, and I know from my years of experience breeding and rearing tortoises that the method I describe in my care-sheets is the ideal way to raise my baby tortoises.

Remember I only supply tortoises that I am 100% happy with and would be happy to keep for myself.

And finally do not follow contradictory advice offered to you by complete strangers you may come across on the internet no matter how 'expert' they claim to be!

Further tortoise husbandry guidance can be accessed from the Links page of this website.